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We’re DIY Friendly

Can you build your own website and do your own marketing? We get asked those questions quite a bit. The answer? Of course you can!

Whether you don’t have it in your budget to hire someone to do it for you or you’re a super hands on kind of someone and just want to do it yourself – we hear you and we absolutely get it!

Here’s the thing – your website and marketing is an investment of time and money. In a perfect world, if you hire someone to do it for you, you’ll spend more money than time and if you do it yourself, you’ll spend more time than money. A good percentage of our web design clients come to us after having already built, or tried to build, their own website. Is it because they didn’t invest the time and money? Nope, they did that. And in some cases, did that and did that. TOO much time AND money and still without a website that they were happy with. Why? What happened? It was the learning curve. The learning curve got ’em.

We’d love to be your DIY support hub! We’ll meet you back here with lots of tools and information to help you get through that learning curve. Check back soon!

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