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    Roseville Web Design services


    Roseville Web Design Services Process

    I specialize in custom, responsive WordPress web design.  Responsive design means that regardless of what type of device your website is viewed on – PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone etc. – it is going to be formatted for that device and look fantastic!  It’s an incredibly versatile platform and designing a responsive site gives you the most for your money.

    Below is a step by step breakdown of the general timeline and website design process.


    Roseville Website DesignLet’s Talk

    Websites are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so we’ll discuss your particular needs for your website.  Once we’ve defined the goals of your site, decided on the pages you’ll need, what type of graphic design (think colors, graphics – the overall look and feel) and what features will work the best for your specific goals, I will provide you with an estimate.  There will be  50%, deposit to begin your project, with the balance due when your website is ready to launch.  Once I’ve received your deposit, I will begin designing your website.  At the same time, you’ll gathering content for your site – pictures, copy, downloadable documents etc.


    Check it OutRoseville Web Designer

    We will have discussed more specific time frames in our previous conversation, but generally within 10 days of receiving your deposit, I will send you a link to the graphic layout of your new website.   This is the framework of your site, the look and the feel.  We’ll go through your site together, page by page.  We’ll test drive the site navigation and functionality.  We’ll discuss any changes or additions.  Once I’ve made those changes and you’re happy with the layout of your website, I’ll ask you to give me a green light to begin adding content.



    Roseville WordPress Websites Roseville, CAContent, content, content!

    You’ll be sending me content, I’ll be constructing pages and arranging content  – it’ll be great fun!  If just the thought of content scares you – you’re not alone.  Content development is critical and, often times, where many people get stuck.  No worries, we will have been talking about the best type of content and how to integrate it into your site all along.  I will advise you throughout this process and if you find that you’d rather someone else was handling that content altogether, one of the additional services that I offer is full content creation for your site.

    Once the content has been fully integrated into your site, I will do a final test of each page, checking every link and every component to ensure that everything is functioning properly.  I will ask you to go through your site to ensure that you are happy with everything.


    3.. 2.. 1 – Liftoff!!Roseville Web Design Company Roseville, CA

    Once you’ve signed off on everything, it’s time to officially launch your website!  Yay!!  At this point, I will publish your site to the live server and you will be open for business.  Shout it from the rooftops!!  Have a launch party!!

    We’ll then do a live WordPress update training session so that you’re able to make whatever updates, changes or additions that you would like to going forward.  If you would prefer not to do any of that yourself, I do offer updates and maintenance service packages and we’ll find the one that best fits your needs.



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